A stunning location for diving

Cape Verde has young diving industry, but the popularity of the activity is growing rapidly because of the wonderful sights there are to see around the coast of the islands. The location is astonishing; the movement of the tectonic plates and volcanic activity that formed the islands has created many beautiful underwater caves, rock walls and rock formations. The area also attracts diverse marine life, including shoals of fish and even humpback whales.

There are numerous dive sites around Cape Verde to enjoy, and more are appearing each year as divers explore the area. Currently diving is only established on a few of the islands so there are likely to be many great dives still to find. This provides great opportunities for exploration.

Sal is the oldest island and was formed over 50 million years ago. It is the most developed in terms of diving, with over 25 sites around the island. Santiago is a close second and is proving to be popular amongst explorers because of the 14 sunken ships that can be found off the coast.

There are dives to suit almost every requirement on Cape Verde, from beginners to more experienced divers. Diving is possible all year long, but some areas become inaccessible at certain times of the year because of strong currents. It is also important to note there are no decompression chambers on the islands so diving depths need to be monitored carefully. Many of the dive shops offer tuition and will teach newcomers how to explore safely, so you can rest assured of a fun and safe experience.

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