Enjoy beautiful weather and fantastic fishing spots

Cape Verde is the perfect destination for fishing enthusiasts who want to enjoy a relaxing holiday in a great climate. The archipelago contains 10 volcanic islands and attracts an incredible variety of marine life all year round. There are many attractions on Fogo, Sao Nicolau, Sal and Sao Vicente, including the opportunity to charter boats, visit fishing clubs and tour the islets. Continue reading

The perfect holiday for football lovers

Cape Verde is well known for offering a wonderful array of attractions for visitors. There are countless wonders of nature for all to see and enjoy. Over the last two or three years, one very unexpected attraction has been added to this list – football. The astonishing rise of the Cape Verde national football team has surprised and impressed the many fans of the beautiful game around the world. For fans in the UK who would like to travel to the Cape Verde islands to see the national football team in action, 2016 offers a wonderful opportunity to do so. Our services make your experience all the more accessible and affordable. Continue reading

A stunning location for diving

Cape Verde has young diving industry, but the popularity of the activity is growing rapidly because of the wonderful sights there are to see around the coast of the islands. The location is astonishing; the movement of the tectonic plates and volcanic activity that formed the islands has created many beautiful underwater caves, rock walls and rock formations. The area also attracts diverse marine life, including shoals of fish and even humpback whales. Continue reading

A winter walking holiday with a difference

Cape Verde is one of the most amazing destinations you could choose for a winter holiday. Their location in the Atlantic around 570km off the west coast of Africa means the islands enjoy a cool, dry climate for much of the year. From December to June, the average temperature at sea level is a pleasant 21 degrees Celsius, and rain is very infrequent, making Cape Verde the perfect choice for a dry, sunny winter break. Continue reading

The best holiday for birdwatchers

Cape Verde offers birdwatching enthusiasts many unique opportunities, which is just one of the reasons why these wonderful islands are becoming an increasingly popular destination for holidaymakers. The Cape Verde islands are home to a number of species of birds, several of which feature on the red alert list of endangered species. Bird lovers from around the world come to the islands to see them in their natural habitat before it is too late. We are delighted to offer accommodation in Cape Verde that caters for relatively easy travel around the islands to see as many birds as possible. Continue reading