Bask in the beauty of Boa Vista

One of the most frustrating experiences holidaymakers can have is to be drawn to a location with the promise of beautiful views, only to find that their definition of a great view is very different to that of their travel agent or holiday company. However, when you opt to take a holiday in Cape Verde, you’ll never be disappointed in this respect. There are various stunning islands to choose from, and Boa Vista is particularly perfect for people who really do want to get away from it all.

Boa Vista is truly one of the few places in the world where the term “unspoilt views” means exactly that. The name of this island translates as beautiful or magnificent view, and that’s exactly what it offers. Besides the considered placement of the airport and hotels, Boa Vista offers a wide, open range of breathtaking views across natural landscapes.

Boa Vista offers two very specific and unique visual experiences. The interior of the island features a vast, barren plain, shaded by the rich rustic shades of the volcanic rock from which it is formed. When you move out towards the coast, however, you are greeted by miles of beautiful, blue skies and clear waters. While many are happy to sit on the inviting white sands of the coast and appreciate the view, you can also go scuba diving and swimming to fully immerse yourself in the sheer beauty of Boa Vista.

An increasing number of people are finding that our deals to Cape Verde go beyond all their expectations. Boa Vista is one of those rare remaining destinations which offers both the perfect climate for a holiday and the unforgettable beauty of an untouched landscape. When people say they wish they could get away from it all and relax on a beautiful desert island, Boa Vista is just the kind of fantasy they have in mind – except it’s very real, and just waiting for you to pay a visit.