Be part of the Santa Isabel celebrations

The 4th of July immediately brings to mind thoughts of America, as this is the date when Independence Day is celebrated in the USA. However, America is not alone in having a special reason to celebrate this date, as it is also marked as Municipal Day in Cape Verde.

Municipal Day usually sees the biggest festival held anywhere across the Cape Verde islands during the course of any year. It is a day which sets out to celebrate Santa Isabel, the Patron Saint of Boa Vista. Because of this, the celebrations and festival are held on the island of Boa Vista, but the event is so extensive that the day sees contributions and attendees from all of the other islands. It is a truly remarkable event, unique in terms of world experiences, and an event to bear in mind for those planning to travel to the Cape Verde islands for a holiday.

With a wide range of events held to celebrate Santa Isabel, the first week of July is truly one of the greatest times to consider travelling to this stunning part of the world. We offer a wide range of holiday accommodation options on the island of Boa Vista, with room, catering and amenity options available to suit all requirements. We’ll make sure you are booked at a place which offers you the best access for any or all of the activities and events.

For many, the highlights of Municipal Day are the horse racing and swimming contests. The flamboyant flair of the processions should also not be missed, and the public ball is an elegant event which is sure to give you a fantastic night out. While at heart all of the many events exist to commemorate the Patron Saint of the Island, they are also a celebration of life and a way of appreciating the beauty of Cape Verde. If you’re looking for the best time to visit, then for many July is the time to do it. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can arrange your Cape Verde accommodation and transport so you too can participate in the fun.