British tourists love Sal

Cape Verde has grown into a popular tourist destination in recent years, attracting more and more people with its fantastic climate, unique culture and multitude of picturesque beaches. It is proving particularly attractive for British tourists with travellers from the UK making up 25% of the international visitors to the country in the first half of 2015. This is no surprise when you consider that flights from the UK with Cabo Verde airlines can take as little as six hours.

The most popular island in Cape Verde with British visitors is Sal. It is home to the main international airport for the country so it is one of the most accessible. There are plenty of attractions to enjoy here, including some of the most incredible beaches in the area. The clean white sand is perfect for relaxing and there is very little development to spoil the natural splendour. The coast of the island also creates many great opportunities for surfing, fishing, diving and sailing. All of these activities are very popular and there are options for beginners and experienced people alike.

One of the most surprising attractions on Sal is the Viveiro Botanical Gardens, home to hundreds of species of plants and trees and even a small zoo. The landscape of the island is largely desert because of the low volume of rainfall the area receives and abrasion caused by winds off the sea. This means there is very little greenery across much of the island, so the Botanical Gardens really stand out.

Sal is a fantastic place to visit if you’re considering a holiday in Cape Verde. You could even use it as your base and go island hopping from there if you wish. This would give you a chance to see more of the islands and enjoy a trip on the seas as well as on land.