Buracona Bay is a beautiful place for a holiday

Of the many attractions offered by the Cape Verde, it is fair to say that Buracona Bay is one which stands out more than most. This remarkable place is the personification of just how beautiful an undisturbed natural area can be, yet it provides as much in the way of activity as it does admiration.

Buracona Bay can be found to the north west of the Island of Sal, less than 10 miles away from Amilcar Cabral International Airport. It is a trip which takes you further, however, as you go from the technology of modern travel to an area formed by nature alone. The pools of water found at Buracona Bay were formed by volcanic lava in prehistoric times, and offer you a rich, unique experience.

The geographical position of the lava pools at Buracona Bay are of a nature that sees the sun transform the colour of the water right before your eyes. At certain times of the day the water goes from a deep, enchanting blue to a rich, inviting turquoise. While fun and affordable guided tours are available to help you see this from a good vantage point, there’s nothing stopping you from visiting and exploring the pools yourself.

In a rare difference for such areas of natural beauty, visitors to the Cape Verde are welcome to fully engage with nature. Swimming in the pools is not only allowed but actively encouraged, with the only requirement that you don’t disrupt or damage the surroundings. While a number of the pools offer a gentle, relaxing experience, the ones with stronger waters in Buracona Bay offer hidden caves for more experienced swimmers to dive and find.

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