Enjoy the unspoiled beauty of Sao Nicolau

Sao Nicolau is one of the most distinctive islands of the Cape Verde archipelago, a peaceful and tranquil place that remains relatively untouched by commercial development and tourism. If you are looking to experience a wealth of natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes on your holiday, this is the island for you, with its diverse and spectacular scenery providing the perfect backdrop. Continue reading

Taking in the attractions of Sal

The island of Sal in Cape Verde is expected to be one of the most popular holiday destinations for 2016. It offers many wonderful attractions including miles of incredible beaches surrounded by beautiful water, well equipped resorts, and many types of water sports. The island is renowned as being the sunniest in the archipelago, so you’ll enjoy basking in brilliant weather while you holiday here. Continue reading

Improving Cape Verde’s economy with tourism

The tourism sector in the Cape Verde islands is set to become the major vehicle for the economic development of the country. It has already come on leaps and bounds over the few last decades and this is set to continue over the coming years thanks to help from the World Bank. They recently approved a $5 million US dollar loan (called a credit) to support the Competitiveness for Tourism project. Continue reading

Enjoy a relaxing time by the sea

The Cape Verde islands are a beautiful destination for travellers who love everything to do with the sea. There are an abundance of stunning beaches to choose from, including private secluded ones and public options that attract big numbers of tourists and locals alike. The seas are a major attraction, offering opportunities for swimming, surfing, diving, sailing and fishing. During your stay you can sample a wide array of fresh seafood and really make the most of your visit to this wonderful country. Continue reading

Do I need a Visa to travel to Cape Verde?

When planning to travel to any country in the world, one of the first questions you will ask yourself is whether or not you need a visa to be allowed entry. As those of us who live in the UK will know, a British passport is the most widely accepted by nations in regards of visitors with return tickets, but some nations do still require you to have a visa issued. In this respect, British passport holders do require a visa for Cape Verde. Continue reading

Travelling between the Cape Verde islands

One of the most appealing factors of Cape Verde holidays is the fact that the islands are relatively untouched by modern developments. With many of the traditional holiday destinations around the world now dominated by tourist-oriented features and leisure activities, Cape Verde’s growing reputation as a brilliant holiday location is largely because it really does allow you to get away from it all and relax for a while. However, a consequence of this is that moving between the islands is not always as simple as it is in other island destinations such as Greece or certain areas of the Caribbean. Continue reading