Culture and carnivals on the island of Sao Vicente

The Cape Verde Islands are often likened to a jewelled necklace that shines brightly off the coast of West Africa. With its nine beautiful islands that each offer a unique and exciting holiday, Cape Verde has grown into a highly sought after holiday destination.

Sao Vicente is located between the stunning islands of Santo Antao and Santa Luzia. It is separated from Santa Antao by the Canal de Sao Vicente. The island enjoys a rare but mild tropical climate very similar to the Canary Islands, except that it is warmer during the winter months.

Sao Vicente is ideal for lovers of sun, sea and sand. Windsurfers can enjoy the incredible wind conditions on the beach found in the idyllic small town of San Pedro. There are also sailing activities available in Mindelo, a port city in the northern part of the island.

Mindelo offers many events for music enthusiasts and its array of attractions are a big part of the town’s appeal. The capital of Sao Vicente, Mindelo is nestled at the foot of two extinct volcanoes and built around a deep water harbour. Traditional and bustling the town has several cafes, eateries, restaurants and awe-inspiring colonial architecture.

Music is adored by the locals and you can take part in the celebrations by taking the music and culture tour. Lasting half a day, the tour takes you on a fantastic exploration of the markets and art galleries and includes a visit to a guitar workshop. You can even catch a traditional Capoeira performance in the main square on weekends.

The biggest and brightest musical gem in Mindelo however is the Baia das Gatas Music Festival which takes place annually in August on Baia das Gatas beach. The festival is a joyous and fun packed celebration of both local and international music and is truly a must for all visitors to Sao Vicente.

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