Developing Sal’s tourist industry

Development is continuing across Cape Verde as visitor numbers continue to rise. The country offers a wonderful mix of beautiful weather, picturesque beaches and diverse landscapes across the islands on the archipelago. The culture differs by island and features a combination of African, French and Portuguese elements. Visitors can enjoy travelling between the islands or choose to spend their time relaxing in one place.

One island that has transformed a great deal over the last few years is Sal. It is home to the main airport for the country, making it the first location that many people see when they visit. Extensive development has occurred as a result, including the construction of several resorts to serve visitors who want to stay on the island to enjoy the stunning beaches.

Resort Group currently owns two of the most highly rated resorts on Sal: Melia Tortuga Beach and Melia Dunas. The first opened in 2010 and cost around 62 million Euros to build. The all inclusive 5 star resort features 286 suites, apartments and villas in an idyllic setting. There are two pools, a spa, four restaurants, three bars and many other fantastic facilities for visitors to enjoy.

Melia Dunas opened in October 2015 and cost almost double at 121 million Euros. The resort is much larger and features 1,150 rooms, suites and villas. There are five pools for adults and two for children, fourteen bars and six restaurants. Facilities are available for water sports and entertainment, giving guests a truly relaxing all inclusive experience here too.

Resort Group’s third site, Llana Beach Hotel, is currently under construction and is expected to be opened in November 2016. It will fill the middle ground between the two current options, costing an estimated 80 million Euros and offering 600 rooms. A diverse array of facilities will also be available for visitors to enjoy during their stay.

Sal is one of the very best destinations in Cape Verde for an all inclusive experience. If you would like help booking the perfect Cape Verde deals, you can browse our website for information and contact us personally. We are proud to help and can handle all kinds of booking requirements for you. We can also offer tips and advice about activities to enjoy during your stay.