Do I need a Visa to travel to Cape Verde?

When planning to travel to any country in the world, one of the first questions you will ask yourself is whether or not you need a visa to be allowed entry. As those of us who live in the UK will know, a British passport is the most widely accepted by nations in regards of visitors with return tickets, but some nations do still require you to have a visa issued. In this respect, British passport holders do require a visa for Cape Verde.

The good news is that the requirement for a visa is purely for administrative purposes, which is to say it is not part of a vetting for permission to enter process or conditional travel restriction. With this being the case, a visa can be obtained in one of two ways: by application in advance, or by application and payment on arrival. The only requirement is that you have a return flight ticket booked, and your passport is valid for at least six months.

Many prefer to ensure that they have their visa in place before they travel. This is understandable, and can easily be arranged. Application can be made to the Honorary Consulate for Cape Verde in London, which at the present time is Jonathan Lux. You can request the application form either by emailing the Consulate via the address, or by calling 07876 232 305. The fee for a 30 day visa via this form of application is presently £40.

If you are prepared to sort the visa out when you land in Cape Verde, this will be handled at the airport on arrival. While the cost of this is cheaper – the price is usually between £20 and £36 – you need to be aware that queues are normally expected and payment is by cash only. Although the choice is yours alone, we would say that if you don’t have a young family with you and are not under any time constraints then this approach may well be best for you.

While needing a visa for a country you’re going on holiday to is never an ideal scenario, to get a visa for Cape Verde is at least a quick, affordable and easy process. Overall, it should be regarded as a small administrative matter which allows you to get on with enjoying the holiday of a lifetime. As the providers of the best deals to Cape Verde, we will be happy to provide all the advice you need.