Enjoy a relaxing time by the sea

The Cape Verde islands are a beautiful destination for travellers who love everything to do with the sea. There are an abundance of stunning beaches to choose from, including private secluded ones and public options that attract big numbers of tourists and locals alike. The seas are a major attraction, offering opportunities for swimming, surfing, diving, sailing and fishing. During your stay you can sample a wide array of fresh seafood and really make the most of your visit to this wonderful country.

The fishing industry is very large in Cape Verde because of the location of the islands. There are numerous commercial fishermen in the country as well as a wide array of opportunities for leisure fishing. This activity attracts countless visitors, including those looking for some challenging sport fishing and others who prefer to relax and see what they catch.

The range of marine life in Cape Verde is impressive. The islands are most famous for the Blue Marlin that can be found in the area. There is an excellent chance of catching them in May and June with good chances in April and July too. Yellowfin tuna is common in July, August and September, and you will also find Dorado, Amberjack and many other types of fish.

One species you can encounter all year round is Wahoo. The fish is favoured by sport fishermen because they are fast and have been known to grow to an incredible 83kg. The best months to try to catch them are February and March, earlier in the year than other species. Fortunately the weather in Cape Verde means these months are still pleasant and have good weather to enjoy.

If you are looking for a paradise where you can enjoy the coast, sea and many fantastic fishing spots this is the destination for you. As an added bonus the tourism industry in the country is still quite young. It has grown over the last few decades but remains a quieter option than Caribbean destinations and the Canary Islands.

We can help visitors to plan the perfect trip and travel to the Cape Verde islands, including helping them to book attractions like fishing and sailing. We provide a first rate service and work closely with each client to help ensure they have the best experience.