Enjoy beautiful weather and fantastic fishing spots

Cape Verde is the perfect destination for fishing enthusiasts who want to enjoy a relaxing holiday in a great climate. The archipelago contains 10 volcanic islands and attracts an incredible variety of marine life all year round. There are many attractions on Fogo, Sao Nicolau, Sal and Sao Vicente, including the opportunity to charter boats, visit fishing clubs and tour the islets.

You can go big game fishing for an entire day if you wish, or opt for a shorter trip to catch smaller game. The area is particularly popular for people looking to catch Blue Marlin and tuna. The industry is well developed and you can hire top of the range equipment in a number of places if you want to avoid bringing your own. Some of the boats available for charter even have fighting chairs.

Blue Marlin can be caught in Cape Verde from March to November. May and June are traditionally the best months for it, and will provide an excellent chance to catch large, beautiful fish. These are also typically amongst the warmest months with very little chance of rainfall, so you can relax, enjoy the weather and fish.

There are a number of rules to observe in Cape Verde to help preserve the natural environment and the incredible marine life. When people fish they are asked to respect the local regulations and use the correct techniques. It is also asked that catches are for sports purposes only and will be released. This is particularly important with the smaller fish to give them the chance to reproduce and keep up the stocks.

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