Enjoy sensational surfing in beautiful Sal

It is not known how many active surfers there are in the world, but the estimated numbers are in the millions. Passionate surfers travel the globe looking for the biggest waves, visiting America, Australia and many other destinations in search of the ultimate ride. The beautiful islands of Cape Verde have now been added to the list of surfers’ favourite locations, with a regular influx of surfing enthusiasts visiting the island of Sal.

Sal’s potential to offer surfers the perfect point break was discovered in the late 1980s by windsurfers in Santa Maria on the southern tip of the island. Along with surfing, the island has now become synonymous with kite and windsurfing. There are strong trade winds that blow predominantly from the north east in the Northern Hemisphere and are powered by the heat of the Sahara, providing cross or off-shore conditions on the west-facing lava reefs. Ponta Preta is a headland in the northwest of Sal and has become a world-class kite, wind and surf spot. The island regularly sees large waves that tower above the average mast which means that it can easily accommodate all three sporting activities.

Sal contains Cape Verde’s longest airstrip, which makes it the most popular point of entry for tourists. Despite this, the surfers that visit can be sure of enjoying the waves without large crowds. Its consistent NW swells and dominant NE trades, shapely reef waves and the chance to explore for further possibilities makes it a haven for surfers. As the wind whips the sea into huge breakers, it becomes unsafe for swimmers, and many hotels will operate a red-flag system making sure people are aware of any danger.

Whether you visit Sal or any of the other islands, you can be sure of tropical sunshine, miles and miles of unspoiled white beaches and an incredible experience. We can arrange the perfect holiday for you and the family when you want to travel to the Cape Verde islands. We have intimate knowledge of each location and whether you are looking for the ideal surfing destination or a fun-filled holiday in a wondrous location, we can help.