Enjoy the Creole cuisine of Cape Verde

One of the highlights of any holiday is the joy of exploring the local cuisine. For many people, this is one of the most important factors considered when they are deciding where they want to go. This approach to selecting holiday destinations has contributed to the growing popularity of Cape Verde vacations.

As you might expect in an island location, fresh seafood is at the forefront of the magnificent and unique cuisine on offer here. While one will find exceptional seafood dishes on each of the islands which make up Cape Verde, the first choice for connoisseurs is always the island of Sal. Around the coast of Sal you will find a number of world class seafood restaurants prepared with freshly caught tuna, lobster and bica.

The sense and presence of a Creole culture is what makes the seafood experience so unique in Cape Verde. The blend of African, European and American influences has created a vibrant cultural dynamic across the islands which defies definition and does not have any form of easy comparison. While many of the dishes you can experience in Cape Verde have been copied and imitated around the world, there’s nowhere but here where they have the taste of absolute perfection. Book yourself a table at one of the many seafront restaurants so you can enjoy sampling vibrant, fresh flavours while gazing out over the wonderful landscape.

Other than the amazing and unique Creole seafood experiences on offer, Cape Verde gives you beautiful beaches, warm and wonderful weather and unspoilt natural beauty, making it one of the most wonderful holiday destinations on offer in the world today. With our accommodation services and an ever increasing number of flights to the islands, Cape Verde resorts represent an affordable, enjoyable and truly unique holiday destination.