Enjoy the unspoiled beauty of São Nicolau

São Nicolau is one of the most distinctive islands of the Cape Verde archipelago, a peaceful and tranquil place that remains relatively untouched by commercial development and tourism. If you are looking to experience a wealth of natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes on your holiday, this is the island for you, with its diverse and spectacular scenery providing the perfect backdrop.

This small but mountainous island is just 12 miles by 28 miles, and boasts plenty of lush green vegetation in contrast to the other isles of Cape Verde, which tend to be more volcanic. Outdoor lovers will be in heaven here, as its high mountains and variety of landscapes make the island a perfect spot for hikes and long walks, as well as horseback riding. The majestic Mount Gordo attracts hikers who flock here to see the rare and distinctive Dragon Tree.
Fishing is also a popular activity here, especially in the summer months, with the abundance of blue marlin providing many opportunities to make a great catch. Alternatively, you can simply catch some rays as you spend a day on the pure white sands of the main beach at Tarrafal, gently lapped by crystal blue waves.

Ribeira Brava, the capital of São Nicolau, is a must-see. Clinging to the mountainside, this lovely town features charming colonial style houses, a beautiful Catholic church and pretty gardens perfect for strolling through. Enjoy relaxing in the peaceful town square as you watch the world go by.

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