Exploring by land, air and sea

Cape Verde is the perfect destination for visitors who like to explore and want an amazingly diverse landscape full of different sights to behold. The islands that make up the country vary greatly, from long, flat stretches of sandy beaches to rocky, volcanic areas with lush vegetation and taller peaks. Visitors can choose to spend their time touring the islands by land, air or sea to see everything that is on offer.

The varied landscape is just one of the major attractions of Cape Verde. Another is the fact that the islands enjoy a very warm, dry climate. Temperatures here are slightly milder than those on the African mainland because of the cooling winds from the Atlantic. It rains very infrequently and many of the islands are classed as deserts because they receive less than 250mm of rainfall each year. Rain is most likely from August to October but even then prolonged spells are rare; short, heavy downpours are more common.

Explorers can take advantage of the fantastic climate and explore the natural wonders of the islands. One destination that shouldn’t be missed is Santo Antao; the largest Barlavento (windward) island. It is one of the most mountainous destinations and is made up almost entirely of volcanic material. The peaks create really lush valleys and several different microclimates.

Santo Antao is the greenest island in Cape Verde and is home to a number of agricultural projects, including banana plantations and sugarcane fields. It is a great place for hiking and walking, offering amazing sights around every corner. The tourist industry on the island has grown hugely in recent years because of the number of hikers and visitors. It still offers plenty of opportunities for adventure.

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