Exploring Cape Verde on foot

Cape Verde is a fantastic destination for travellers who enjoy walking holidays. The ten islands that make up the country are incredibly diverse, ranging from craggy volcanic landscapes to flat unspoilt beaches. There are also beautiful towns, villages and tiny hamlets to walk through, each displaying the unique blend of cultures that the country is renowned for.

The younger islands in Cape Verde offer the most walking opportunities because of their rugged landscapes. Santiago, Fogo and Sao Nicolau are very popular choices. The trails on each island can range in difficulty and length so there is something to suit all walkers regardless of their fitness or experience.

Serra Malagueta Natural Park in Santiago should be on every walker’s list of places to visit. The area has fantastic ecological importance being the last forest resource on the whole island. The park covers 774 hectares of breathtaking green landscapes and features the 1,064 metre tall peak Monte Malagueta. The area is believed to have a total of 55km of hikes to choose from so you will be spoilt for choice. During your walks you’ll have the chance to see endemic plants and animals including several rare species.

Sao Nicolau is also home to a remarkable natural wonder in the form of Monte Gordo National Park. This is the only area in Cape Verde whose boundaries are officially protected. The park covers 952 hectares and is home to a number of wonderful walking trails. There has been extensive investment into the conservation of the area because of the unique biodiversity of the setting. As part of this, there are trained guides to lead walking tours and help visitors learn how to have a great walking experience without damaging the environment.

Fogo attracts hikers and walkers because of its prominence, rising almost 3,000 metres to the summit of Pico do Fogo. The island is one large stratovolcano and features everything from high peaks to deep valleys. It is one of the greenest islands of Cape Verde and is home to several microclimates, making it possible to grow a variety of agricultural produce.

As specialist organisers of holidays to Cape Verde, we understand how much of a big draw the islands are to walkers and we are committed to helping visitors plan their perfect trip. We can help you to find out more about the best trails and walking destinations, and take care of all bookings on your behalf, including accommodation, guides and transport between islands.