Get lost in the wild beauty of the island of Brava

The wonderful thing about the Cape Verde islands is that each one offers an array of different activities and attractions. No matter which island you visit, you can be sure of enjoying local delicacies, hospitality and scenic beauty that is unique to the island itself.

Brava takes its name from the Portuguese word for “wild” and is the smallest inhabited and greenest of the Cape Verde islands. It is highly mountainous, with its greatest point being the Monte Fontainhas. It has deep valleys that contrast with its high peaks, and its abundance of flowers has earned it the name “ilha das flores”, or the island of flowers. The island is filled with bright and colourful gardens that offer the sweet fragrance of the hibiscus and the beautiful sight of jasmine and the bougainvillea.

Brava has many festivities that are held throughout the year. The feast of St. John the Baptist is staged on the 24th of June and is one of the central events on the island’s cultural calendar.

Nova Sintra is a town located in the central part of Brava and is a must for any holidaymaker. It features a monument to the island’s favourite son, the accomplished writer EugĂ©nio Tavares. His family home, now converted into a museum is located in a garden filled with pine trees and flowers in keeping with the exquisite mass of flowers that adorn the streets of the town. The town square features a rare and striking dragon tree and a trip around this beautiful town takes you to a wide selection of well-preserved monuments and colonial architecture.

Fishing is a huge part of the town’s production and no matter where you stay you can be sure of enjoying a diverse and delicious range of fresh fish. There are a range of hotels in Brava that come highly recommended. Sol na Baia is located in a fantastic spot close to the beach and the owner regularly regales guests with tales of the island and offers tips on the best and friendly welcome, breathtaking views of a beautiful ocean bay and the peaceful charm of a quiet and elegant island.

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