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Until recently, Cape Verde’s beauty was largely kept a secret. 

Sal Cape Verde Islands

Santa Maria Beach  Sal


The long beaches of endless white sand, lapped by turquoise ocean.

The historical mystery of colonial style towns like Ribeira Grande, the first European City in the tropics.

Ribiera Grande

The wide variety of landscapes, from dramatic volcanic to lush and verdant.


Pico do Fogo

Pico do Fogo




Santa Antão






Nowadays, the Cape Verde islands are opening up to tourists, especially holiday makers searching for a rich blend of fresh holiday experiences.

Even the Cape Verdean people are unique, being a cultural mix of their two nearest neighbours, Senegal and Brazil. This combination is most obvious in the ever-present Cape Verde music, a scintillating hip-swinging fusion of Samba and Salsa sprinkled with tribal African.

If you enjoy fine beaches, beautiful scenery, vibrant cultures and have a sense of adventure, Cape Verde will not disappoint.

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