Know before you go

Know before you go

Want to know more before making up your mind?

The Cape Verde Archipelago is a developing nation and new to tourism. The islands are still in their embryonic stages although continually developing. Travellers are advised to have studied a reputable travel guide before their holiday.

The majority of our customers are experienced travellers. Transfers can be pre-arranged from each of the islands’ airports. It is also relatively simple to obtain an alugar or taxi available at all airports.

Island tours can be pre-arranged. All vehicles and personnel have been assessed for reliability and safety. Any services arranged by yourselves through a hotel, or non-contracted organisations, are at your own risk, and the organisations’ own insurance. We will not accept responsibility for these separate arrangements.

Re-confirming flights

Cape Verde Airlines can re-schedule flights at a moments notice, due operational reasons and island life!. It is therefore very important that you reconfirm all internal flights with TACV 48 hours before departure. You can do this in person at the local TACV offices on the islands or call the numbers supplied in your ticket pack. Alternatively, you can ask the hotel reception to re-confirm them for you.