Location – Boavista


Espinguera Ecolodge

With its international airport, this is the closest island to the African coast. Its unspoilt beaches make Boavista a sunbathers paradise – Santa Monica is particularly spectacular, with over 5km of powder soft white sand, massaged by rolling surf, fringing a turquoise ocean. Enjoy it now, for the qualities appreciated by discerning holiday makers.

In contrast, Boavista’s interior is a barren, volcanic rock strewn furnace, rusty in colour due to the iron rich stone. There is a quiet beauty in this bleak landscape, punctuated by the dramatic extremes of leafy green palm filled oases. Consequently, an overland alugar trek is a must.

Guests can stay in a selection of hotels and apartments in Sal Rei or Chaves beach. Sleepy by day, it comes alive in the evening when the locals stroll the avenues and strum rythyms into the night. Close your eyes to listen – you will be musically transported between Rio and Africa.