Boavista is the closest island to the African coast.

It is said to be the hottest of all of the islands and experiences Harmattan winds  from the Sahara.

Still relatively new to tourism, life on Boavista is a bit more authentic than the neighbouring island of Sal.

Winsurfing, Sal Rei, Boavista

With 55km of unspoilt sandy beaches and turquoise waters, Boavista is the perfect place to enjoy the sunshine and relax. There are also some great water sports opportunities such as windsurfing, bodyboarding or kitesurfing.


The Praia de Santa Monica in the south of Boavista is particularly spectacular, with over 5km of powder soft white sand, massaged by rolling surf. It is considered the most beautiful beach of Cape Verde.

As on Maio and Sal, you can find sea turtles laying their eggs on the beaches. Many of them are endangered species so must be respected.

The crystal clear waters and the rich maritime fauna, make it perfect for line-fishing and deep-sea fishing. Scuba diving is also a popular activity for tourists and a chance to explore the abundant sea life as well as ship wrecks.

In contrast, Boavista’s interior is a barren, volcanic rock strewn furnace, rusty in colour due to the iron rich stone. There is a quiet beauty in this bleak landscape, punctuated by the dramatic extremes of leafy green palm filled oases. Consequently, an overland alugar trek is a must.

The island’s capital, Sal Rei is sleepy by day but comes alive in the evening when the locals stroll the avenues and strum rhythms into the night. You can listen to live music in the  restaurants and bars. Close your eyes to listen, you will be musically transported to somewhere between Rio and Africa.

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