Location – Maio


If you want to get away from it all, Maio is for you – a peaceful, almost forgotten island with deserted white sand beaches. Even the gracious capital Vila Do Maio with it’s huge white baroque church is a sleepy town, where only the occasional donkey breaks the silence. Morro is so sleepy that even the donkeys can’t be bothered to make noise – but the pastel painted houses and coconut palms make it worthy of a stroll.
One of the flattest islands of the archipelago with vast, deserted beaches. Due to the influence of wind erosion, the island shows very little evidence of its volcanic past. The diversity of this island offers desert-like landscapes, small oases and many unspoiled beaches. Excellent opportunities available for walking the sand dunes, which is almost a therapy.
Almost all the entire coastline has fine beaches for sunbathing and enjoying the water in complete isolation. These are the beaches which are generally chosen by sea turtles for laying their eggs. Vila do Maio, the capital, runs alongside one of the longest beaches of the archipelago. It is a small town with a traditional central church.