Official recognition for Cape Verde holidays

The strengthening relationship between the EU and Cape Verde has brought increased attention to these magnificent islands. While this relationship has previously been focused on the development of mutually beneficial trade and fishing agreements, in recent months attention has turned towards the tourism industry. In December 2015 the European Union announced that they had reached an agreement to support and fund six tourism initiatives across the islands.

One of the reasons for this agreement was the increase in the number of European people heading off to Cape Verde for holidays. While the location is relatively young as a holiday destination, it’s becoming more popular as people begin to discover the fantastic experiences, attractions and natural beauty offered by the islands. The announcement by the European Union concerning support for tourism and holidays in Cape Verde has been seen by many as a natural formalisation of its growing popularity.

While this tourism boost is good news, it is important to make sure that the special qualities of Cape Verde are not compromised by the increased number of visitors. One of the main priorities of the agreement was to “preserve and improve the social, cultural and environmental heritage” of the Cape Verde islands. The EU will work closely with and partially fund several non-governmental organisations in Cape Verde which are dedicated to upholding these values. Preserving the history and natural experience of the Cape Verde islands is essential to make sure it continues to thrive.

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