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A Personal Service- Suggested Itineraries

The archipelago features nine islands, each with their own unique character and charm.

The location off the west coast of Africa gives the whole area a dry, moderate climate throughout the whole year. This means visitors can enjoy fantastic weather, unspoiled coastlines and vibrant, dramatic landscapes.

Many visitors spend time traveling around the various islands rather than staying in one place. This gives them the opportunity to experience the diverse sights and attractions that are on offer and means they can make the most of their trip.

Our unrivaled experience as tour operators to the Cape Verde Islands enables us to create itineraries to ensure visitors make the best on their visit.

We have devised a selection of six itineraries to suit all kinds of interests, giving you the opportunity to visit several stunning beaches, enjoy some bird watching or go walking through stunning landscapes. Each itinerary has been put together to streamline travel time between islands, whilst giving you a real taste of the variety of scenery, cultures and leisure pursuits on offer in the Archipelago.

Click on the images below for details of each itinerary:


If you want to learn more about each island and sight during your trip we can even arrange for experienced tour leaders to accompany you. We can also devise bespoke tours to suit specific requirements. We are always happy to share our knowledge with visitors and offer advice to help them to create a tailored itinerary and enjoy their dream holiday.

We can tailor-make island combinations and hotel accommodation to suit your special interests. Every tour can be joined from all worldwide destinations. If you’re planning on touring Cape Verde, we would be happy to help you create your trip. We can arrange all of the details for you, including booking hotels, organising transport and arranging a visa. When you deal with us we will offer complete protection for your peace of mind, ensuring all bookings are bonded and secured, and advising you about all the important information you need to know before you set off.