Scuba dive in the secluded waters of Santa Antao

Recreational scuba diving has become hugely popular and is now enjoyed by millions of holidaymakers across the world. The Cape Verde Islands repeatedly attract an influx of divers due to the stunning locations and many opportunities to enjoy a fantastic scuba diving holiday.

The town of Tarrafal is located on the island of Santa Antao, and is one of the most wonderful locations for divers whatever your level of experience and ability. It has a sensational beach lined with palm trees and soft, golden sand and is a sumptuous spot highly favoured by tourists and travellers.

Holiday diving has become a highly sought after leisure activity as it is the kind of hobby that is not always easily accessible at home. Major developments in the technology have reduced the costs of diving, ensuring everyone is able to participate when they visit luxurious locations.

If you are visiting the beautiful island of Santa Antao and intend to spend a lot of time in your scuba gear you may wish to try Cabo Verde scuba diving. Located in the remote fishing town of Tarrafal this diving establishment is hugely popular with certified divers, beginners and those wishing to explore the incredible scenery to be found underwater.

Cabo Verde is the perfect choice if you are looking for a quiet experience away from the crowds. Renowned for its excellent, friendly and helpful instruction you can be sure of taking an enlightening trip through the waters of Tarrafal de Monte Trigo. You will enjoy a pre-dive briefing and high quality equipment and a carefully planned dive with a skilled and experienced scuba diver.

With a vast working knowledge of all nine islands and all Cape Verde resorts, we can provide a high quality travel service to our customers. Whether you are interested in a specific recreational based holiday in one location or you want to travel around the islands and enjoy a fun filled holiday we can arrange the perfect trip in one of the most exquisite places in the world.

The true beauty of the islands is that they are ideal for all types of holidays. If you simply want to swim in the sea and soak up the rays you will be spoilt for choice. If you want to venture around and enjoy classical and historical architecture or you want recreational adventures we can arrange the bespoke holiday you will never forget.