September holidays in Cape Verde

When considering the dates for your Cape Verde, holiday, it’s a good idea to keep in mind the dates of key festivals and celebrations which happen across the islands. There are a number of these throughout the year, and they can make your Cape Verde experience truly unforgettable. If you want to have an amazing experience during your holiday, we recommend visiting during September for the Festival Mindelact, held every year in Mindelo.

The Festival has been held every year for more than two decades, and this year it will be held from the 19th to the 28th of September. The festival celebrates the arts and culture of the Cape Verde, with a substantial focus on performing arts. The festival is frequently described as being like the Rio Carnival infused with a sense of Mediterranean culture, with Africa acting as the setting. Mindelo is popularly regarded as the cultural capital of the Cape Verde, with this annual event serving to confirm this status.

Mindelo is the main city on the island of Sao Vicente, with the climate of this port based city offering the perfect holiday destination at any point of the year. However, if you can make it to Mindelo at the time of the Festival Mindelact, then you are sure to experience the holiday of a lifetime. We specialise in arranging Cape Verde breaks, and we can offer accommodation at the Don Paco in Mindelo to give you a luxury stay for budget prices.

Those who have had the pleasure of previously travelling to Cape Verde will be familiar with the Don Paco, as it has an unequalled reputation for offering the most prestigious holiday accommodation right in the heart of Mindelo. The Don Paco offers guests close and easy access to the Cesaria Evora airport, the harbour and its attractions, and the majority of venues where events for the Festival Mindelact are held.

The annual Festival Mindelact is just one of the many points of attraction which have made Cape Verde holidays an increasingly popular choice. If you are looking for a holiday which is different from the norm, yet gives you a breathtakingly beautiful and truly memorable experience, the Cape Verde is waiting for you.