Taking in the attractions of Sal

The island of Sal in Cape Verde is expected to be one of the most popular holiday destinations for 2016. It offers many wonderful attractions including miles of incredible beaches surrounded by beautiful water, well equipped resorts, and many types of water sports. The island is renowned as being the sunniest in the archipelago, so you’ll enjoy basking in brilliant weather while you holiday here.

Sal has a fascinating history and built an impressive salt mining and exportation industry in the 18th and 19th centuries. The name of the island is inspired by this (it was previously known as Llana) and many remnants of the operation can still be seen. The old salt mines on Sal can be found in the north east of the island. Pedra de Lume is the most famous. It is based in the crater of an extinct volcano and is popular tourist attraction, giving visitors insight into the history of the area.

Many visitors are surprised to find that some of the salt mines are still in operation. At the height of production around 300 people worked at Pedra de Lume. This number has fallen to just a handful now. The salt was once exported overseas, with large volumes finding their way to Brazil. The products are now primarily for use by locals.

One of the must see features of the salt mines is the evaporation ponds. These are built over a natural salt lake. The salinity is over twenty five times saltier than sea water. Visitors can take a dip and float around thanks to the rare natural buoyancy. It is an incredible experience.

Sal is also a great choice for visitors who want to enjoy a vibrant nightlife. The island is home to a number of bars and restaurants where you can experience live, local music and relax with a delicious meal and drinks. Alternatively you can stay late on the beach.

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