TAP Portugal increases flights to Cape Verde

TAP Portugal have announced a significant increase in their weekly number of flights to Cape Verde, and this news has been broadly welcomed by those planning to visit. During July, August and September 2016, TAP Portugal will run 11 flights between Lisbon and Praia, an increase of just under 50%. Although at this stage the increase is provisional and intended to be limited to just these three months, it is highly likely that the expanded service will remain if it proves to be a success. The growing popularity of cheap holidays to Cape Verde is anticipated to drive this expansion towards success.

TAP Portugal’s decision signifies the increasing pressure all airlines are coming under to connect with the islands. The word of mouth recommendations of holidaymakers have inspired many more to explore these wonderful islands for themselves. With developments underway to ensure more visitors can be accommodated without disturbing the natural beauty of Cape Verde, the higher number of flights will arrive with perfect timing, increasing accessibility to this amazing part of the world and giving holidaymakers more choices than ever before.

The increased flights will not only benefit those who are travelling from Portugal to Cape Verde. TAP Portugal have a codeshare agreement with over 30 other international airline carriers. It is widely expected that this agreement will extend to other airlines who are also seeking ways to increase services to the islands.

From our perspective, we are proud of the fact that we identified just how popular the Cape Verde islands could be at an early stage, and we are delighted that so many new people are discovering the wonders of the place. When you book with us, your Cape Verde holiday is sure to be all the more special and memorable, as we provide perfect accommodation, transport and activities for you to enjoy during your stay.