The perfect holiday for football lovers

Cape Verde is well known for offering a wonderful array of attractions for visitors. There are countless wonders of nature for all to see and enjoy. Over the last two or three years, one very unexpected attraction has been added to this list – football. The astonishing rise of the Cape Verde national football team has surprised and impressed the many fans of the beautiful game around the world. For fans in the UK who would like to travel to the Cape Verde islands to see the national football team in action, 2016 offers a wonderful opportunity to do so. Our services make your experience all the more accessible and affordable.

The Cape Verde team first came to the attention of football fans worldwide during the 2013 African Cup of Nations. The side produced some exceptional results and made it as far as the quarter final stage. By 2015, the team had built on the performance to the extent that they delivered what is considered one of the biggest ever upsets in world football when they beat a full strength Portugal side 2-0.

Being able to see a surprise success team play in beautiful surroundings is the ideal holiday for any football fan. You can do exactly this when Cape Verde host Morocco at the Estadio Nacional de Cabo Verde on 23 March 2016. Morocco is considered to be one of the most consistently high performing football teams in Africa, so this Cup of Nations qualifying match is expected to be a fantastic contest.

The stadium is located near Praia, the popular capital of the Cape Verde islands. If you’re planning to travel specifically to see this highly anticipated match, we offer a wide range of accommodation options to make your Cape Verde experience truly unforgettable. Whether you want to be close to the ground in order to soak up the atmosphere, or a little further away so that you may experience a wider sense of all that Cape Verde has to offer, we will make sure you are booked in where you want to be.

In a time when football sometimes feels like it is dominated by a few club teams and a handful of national sides, the astonishing rise of the Cape Verde team has been refreshing and welcome for fans around the world. The opportunity to see this team in its ascendancy at their home ground provides the perfect reason for fans to experience the wonders that Cape Verde offers.