Touring the Cape Verde islands

Cape Verde is an increasingly popular tourist destination because it gives people the chance to travel between the islands and see everything that each one has to offer. Every island has its own unique characteristics and the culture can vary a great deal between them. This means that tourists can enjoy a trip filled with adventures and new experiences.

A huge number of visitors like to spend their time visiting different islands in the country. Walkers are particularly fond of this option because they get the chance to take walks through an incredibly diverse selection of landscapes. The islands can range from flat, sandy windward facing areas to taller, rugged volcanic landscapes with lush greenery. To get the full experience and enjoy all of the best walking routes, travelling may be the better option rather than staying on one island.

There are two ways to travel between islands in Cape Verde; by air or by sea. The latter gives people the chance to get out on the water and enjoy a cruise. There are several benefits to this, including the opportunities to see marine life, do some fishing and relax on the boat. Air travel between the islands is faster but there sometimes can be delays due to the weather. Visitors are encouraged to check their flights to make sure there are no changes or cancellations. Air travel between the islands is set to improve in the near future with the news that new systems are to be installed at four of the major airports in Cape Verde.

Air travel in Cape Verde could soon become much more attractive and give visitors extra opportunities to travel between the islands. If you are planning a visit to the country and intend to travel you can find a great service with us. Instead of booking everything yourself, we can arrange it for you and take the stress away. This also means you only need to pay a single fee and can look forward to a well planned itinerary. We are passionate about helping people to plan their dream holiday in Cape Verde and can deal with every aspect of the organisation, including booking excursions, accommodation and flights with Cabo Verde airlines.