Travelling between the Cape Verde islands

One of the most appealing factors of Cape Verde holidays is the fact that the islands are relatively untouched by modern developments. With many of the traditional holiday destinations around the world now dominated by tourist-oriented features and leisure activities, Cape Verde’s growing reputation as a brilliant holiday location is largely because it really does allow you to get away from it all and relax for a while. However, a consequence of this is that moving between the islands is not always as simple as it is in other island destinations such as Greece or certain areas of the Caribbean.

While Greece has a well established network of ferries travelling between the islands, no similar service exists here. Cape Verde is relatively new as a tourist destination, and so specific changes to the infrastructure have not been made yet. The only practical way to travel between the islands at this stage is to fly.

While arranging these flights is usually quite straightforward, we believe it’s best to be informed about the arrangements before you depart. While it is highly likely that a ferry service between the islands will be established to meet the requirements of holidaymakers, at this stage the relative lack of tourist conveniences adds to the charm and adventure of these unspoiled islands.

Our services are centred on making sure that your experience is all that you hoped for, and more. Although the majority of people appreciate and enjoy relaxing on one particular island per trip, we understand the desire to explore as much of the area as you possibly can. We will happily give you all the support and assistance we can to make arrangements to travel by flight between the islands when you’re on one of our brilliant cheap Cape Verde holidays.