Treat yourself to some Cape Verde retail therapy

The volcanic islands that make up Cape Verde are situated 350 miles off Africa’s west coast. Throughout most of the year the climate is warm and dry. Rainfall is infrequent and tends to occur in short, heavy spells between August and October. These qualities make this a very attractive destination for tourists, particularly over the last few decades.

There are countless attractions on Cape Verde for visitors to enjoy including walking, hiking and water sports. It is possible to spend your time travelling around the various islands or you can stay in one place if you prefer.

The location of the islands means the vast majority of day to day items are imported, so availability may be limited outside of main tourist areas. This means you may wish to bring toiletries and other essential everyday items with you. However, when it comes to souvenirs of your trip to the archipelago, you will have plenty of great choices.

There are markets on many of the islands selling local crafts, art and produce such as coffee, wine and Grogue, a locally-produced alcoholic beverage made from sugar cane. Salesmen can also be found on beaches and walking around tourist areas. The craft souvenirs on Cape Verde represent the natural resources found, so weaved products like baskets, fabrics and tapestries are popular, as are clay sculptures, pottery, woodwork, jewellery and paintings. Bartering is not a custom in shops, but in markets and when buying from a salesman, negotiations are perfectly acceptable and you could end up with some brilliant bargains, so make sure to give it a try.

Cape Verde is a fantastic destination for both long and short breaks. If you are planning a trip and would like help booking your very own Cape Verde experience, please browse our website. We offer a unique service and can handle all bookings for you including transport, hotels, activities and excursions, helping you to enjoy an all inclusive experience of the islands.